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How much do you charge for freelance services?

I'm happy to work with your budget for all freelance projects. But you came here looking for a number, so here's a range that your project might fall in depending on scale, complexity, and the size of your organization:​

Illustrations: $20-50

Logos: $100-200

Website Design: $200-500

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How do you price your work?

Put simply, I price my work based on what I would feel comfortable paying for it. Sometimes this means a small profit margin for me, but art is an important part of life that should be accessible to everyone.

What makes your products eco friendly?

My work is packaged using compostable Polylactic Acid bags, with recyclable unbleached brown kraft paper (made from 100% recycled materials) inserts. Most of my stickers are 100% Greenguard Certified.

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